Mein Technikerprojekt

Berufliche Schule für Technik Kirchhain

Thema der Projektarbeit:
Entwicklung eines Pressennachlaufweg- Messgerätes

Description of function:
A rope length giver is attached at the hydraulic press which can be examined. With a test run the equipment determines the point, at which the press achieved its maximum speed. In exactly this point the press is stopped with the 10 following runs by a relay and the time is determined as well as the way up to the absolute stop. The results of measurement are spent on LCD display, inserted printer and/or over R-S 232 into a PC transfer interface.

The past conditions:

Ein hoffnungsloses Chaos in der heimischen Bastelstube- doch es kann nur besser Werden.
After the individual components were thoroughly tested and the first program sections functioned the better overview because of only times everything in a housing were accommodated. Afterwards still further sleepless nights followed around the ring binder-filling documentation to provide.
The finished device(Prototyp): After innumerable sleepless nights and various changes finally a satisfying result. Fortunately tde device and accessories fit into a commercial aluminum suit-case. The final equipment is to have about half size.
Das Projekt wurde im Auftrag meines früheren und künftigen Arbeitgebers durchgeführt, dem ich an dieser Stelle für die hervorragende Unterstützung und Zusammenarbeit danken möchte.