Flyin' a glider - even with only one hand

After a long time of hard trying I finally got it:
After not even completely one year the Federal Office of Aviation and the district government decided to approve to me the acquisition of the pilot's licence for flying a glider. I received the written permission at the beginning of June 2001. First of all I had to visit a flight surgeon, who at first had to deny my request because of the lack of left hand in previous year already. Against this judgement contradiction was inserted at the land aviation authority and the affair was handed over to the Federal Office of Aviation with the request for examination at the federal aviation medical committee. After in December and January two specialists provided a medical appraisal in Munich, still another practical examination had to take place in Oerlinghausen. The whole naturally accompanied of innumerable telephone calls and exchanges of letters (finally we are here in Germany.). Despite everything the efforts were worthwhile themselves and I would like to advise any hndycapped person who is interested in flying to inform about the possibilities and to take the long way by the authorities on itself.

Information and assistance is by the way there with the community of interests of handicapped pilots: The Rolliflieger .

My flight haven association
Puh the 5 hours are finally done and I'm lucky. Even my flight instructor seems to be satisfied and the beer there to the end of workday tastes doubly well!!!